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Interested in competing in or spectating one family friendly trials competitions? Here is the schedule for 2014. Come out and be a part of the fun we have every month. Read More…

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In Observed Trials, motorcycle competitors ride through a number of marked sections over difficult terrain while being “observed” by a scorer and are penalized points for any loss of balance which requires support. Read More…

What is Trials What is Trials

If you have never ridden a modern trials bike, you simply don’t know what you’re missing. The ability to negotiate rough terrain is unmatched by anything on two wheels, but the real secret is how much fun they are to ride! Read More…

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It is always a tight competition between the WTA classes and this year is proving to be a nail bitter. Here are the results of each meet for the year of 2014. Read More…

5 Miles of Hell 5 Miles of Hell

The Five Miles of Hell is probably one of the most awesome single track motorcycle trails in the U.S. The 5MOH is not for the faint of heart. It is a rigorous, demanding trail and should only be attempted by experienced riders. Read More…

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Looking to become more involved in the moto trials world. Here is a list of links the will give you the resources you need to do so. Whether you’re looking where to buy or just want to learn more about trials we’ve got you covered. Read More…

1st Place

Emery's Royalty

  • Rick Johnson

    Rick’s been giving the Champ class something to think about the past 2 years since he moved up. This months ride yielded him another 1st place medal with. Nice riding Rick.

    - Rick Johnson
  • Ryan Bunker

    Ryan managed to keep both feet on the pegs this month resulting in another 1st place in the expert class. Welcome back to the club Ryan and we hope to see you give the Champ class a run for their money.

    - Ryan Bunker
  • Logan Owens

    Logan crushed it this month in Emery blowing the competition away with a 32 point spread in the Advanced Class!

    - Logan Owens
  • Doug Pincock

    Doug hasn’t ridden with the club for some time now but he is still kicking our butts. Doug grabbed a first place medal in the Intermediate class beating Jake by  9 points and 1 clean! Nice ride Doug.

    - Doug Pincock
  • Mark Vonmettenheim

    Marks been riding with our club for many years now and this months competition was an amazing show of skill. Mark finished the day with 9 dabs and 16 cleans! Nice ride Mark.

    - Mark Vonmettenheim
  • Jake Reuben

    Jake is advancing through the ranks of the Novice class quickly. Jake pulled off is first gold medal this month and its only his 2 meet ever! Nice job Jake.

    - Jake Reuben

Check out the details about our next meet in Loa including weather, Google maps directions and entry fees.
Loa Moto Trials
August 2nd

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