Beginner Class Update

April 15, 2017News

We have seen a big increase this year in the beginner class. 99% of the beginner riders are less than 10 years old and on a OSET bike. It appears the sections have become too difficult for the young riders. This being said, the SC (Steering Committee) has decided to try a few things to … Read More

Electric Motion Utah Dealer

April 8, 2017News

Thumbs Up Trials is the newest dealer of EM, Electric Motion, full adult size electric Trials bikes. Electric Motion Trials bikes are an excellent alternative to traditional gas powered motorcycles. With heaps of linear torque, virtually zero noise and minimal maintenance. Nothing beats an electric motor when it comes to torque. Combine this with a … Read More

Oset 2017 Electric trials bike

February 26, 2017News

The OSET 24.0 Racing 2017 model is scheduled to be available, in very limited numbers, this April – June, 2017. Check out this OSET link to see the bike in action as well as get a list of what the bike is made of. If you would like one of these amazing bikes contact Thumbs … Read More

Beta Dealer Conference

November 9, 2016News

Day 3 of the Beta Dealer Conference. Six hours of training today; engines, suspension, EFI and Q&A. In the evening, attended the National Enduro Cross final and watched Cody Webb taking the Pro Class and our own Wyoming rider Brian Martinson taking 3rd in the TrialsCross class. Good Job guys. Thanks to BetaUSA for a … Read More