Hey everyone,

Hope this email finds you all healthy and safe. I’m sure its no surprise to anyone at this point that this email was coming. This is not how I would have ever thought my first year as President of the finest Trials Club on Earth was going to go, and I’m wondering if our previous President Steve Davis maybe knew of tough times to come and decided to let me be the jerk that has to cancel events so he can remain the great guy he is. But seriously it really is difficult having to put the brakes on something that is so much more then just a recreational activity to all of us. Trials Clubs are a community, where friendships are made and civility just comes naturally. 

Obviously we are having to cancel the upcoming Elberta Gate Trial that was to be held on the 18th.
 Mark Jones and I spoke yesterday in length about the current situation and I asked him how he felt about the Grannys Event coming up on May 9th. (it’s his property) we agreed to let it stand for now while continuing to see how the Covid-19 issue plays out. 
As for getting out and riding, the Steering committee and I all agree that its the safety of club members and family that is of upmost importance and therefore cannot sanction any kind of “fun trial” or group ride. We of course won’t tell you what you can and cannot do but would ask that you keep the Trials community and the Club in mind when and if you get out and ride. We don’t want any bad press that could affect any future land use permission.
In case you didn’t see the Facebook post from Steve regarding the Summer Games in June, it appears as of now they are not canceling, Steve and I will keep you all informed should that change.
Keep your hands washed and your feet on the pegs.
Dave Wirth 
Utah MotoTrials Association