May 9th, Granny's Ranch

Hello Utah MotoTrials Club Members, April-27-2020 Due to the new world we find ourselves in, we all are having to make some changes in our day to day lives.

We as a Club are not immune to those changes and therefore must adapt in a way that allows each member to feel confident that should they choose to attend an event an effort has been made to keep everyone healthy and safe. The keystone of Trials in my opinion is Self-Responsibility, we all know when we put our boots on the pegs it’s just the rider and the bike. Now we must add a responsibility to each and every one of you.

Below is a list of guidelines that the UMTA will be following at the upcoming Granny’s Event and possibly thereafter. Please read it and regardless of whether you agree with it, respect it. We are a Trials Family and we look out for one another. -Social distancing needs to be in the most respectable way possible. -A poster board at the table will have the sign-up instructions, follow them. -We will ride in groups of 4 or less (groupings will agree with one another).

-One rider from each group will volunteer to be the card carrier and score keeper for the entire Trial.

-Section set up will consist of 2 riders that agree to set together, preferable then ride in the same group.

-Cards and hole punch will be placed in a designated box after the 3rd loop, there will be no score tallying. -Sadly, there will be no Results and Awards meeting following the Trial. scores will be posted and emailed by the following Tuesday. -The Pre ride meeting will still happen, keeping the 6 ft rule please.

-Beginners will ride like at any other event.

-Cleanup will be done by everyone once all groups have finished.

-We are not setting a ‘done by’ time due to smaller groups and no meeting after. Which I suppose means we all can just disappear when done, (famously known as a “Joe Wirth”).

-This Trial may not be posted on Social Media (Facebook) due to not wanting to attract unnecessary attention at this sensitive time.

Please… come ride, have fun, enjoy each other’s company, besides, we all need to get ready for The Summer Games the following Month. YES, so far, they are still happening.

Sincerely, Dave Wirth UMTA President and Your Steering Committee Members.


sign-ups and section setting starts at 7:30 am

Beginners ride at 9:00 or whenever they are ready

Riders meeting 10:30 and out by 11:00

Let's be try and be done riding by 4:00 but no pressure.

All help clean up and lets leave The Ranch clean for the next time.

Steve and I will continue to stay informed about the Summer Games, Steve received a call last Friday saying so far so good. With so many Trials Clubs canceling their schedules, Summer Games has the potential of being the main Trials event in the West for 2020.

Entry fees:

$5 for first time riders.

$25 Adult WTA members.

$10 for WTA family member riders under 18 years old.

$40 for non-WTA member adult riders.

$20 for non-WTA member riders under 18 years old.

$5 discount for all adult riders who arrive early and help set a section